The wreck is fully submerged on the southwest side and no longer poses a risk to navigation. However, along with the rocky structure of the Reef, it does pose a potential snagging hazard for anchors and fishing lines. Be aware of your position relative to the Reef at all times.

Two orange and two yellow buoys have been set up to indicate the position and depths of the Rena’s stern and remaining bow sections, including two dive sites. The stern section is marked by the yellow buoys and the two dive sites are marked by the orange buoys. 

A voluntary dive zone extends 200m around the buoys. Onsite, skippers must keep a vigilant watch for divers in the water and remember not to exceed 5 knots in this area and within 50m of any other vessel and within 200m of boats flying an A Flag.

Most skippers don't, but anchoring is strongly not advised around the Reef; and line fishing or trolling within the dive zone is not recommended. 



Motiti Rohe Moana Trust, on behalf of Nga Hapu o te Moutere o Motiti, has requested a 2-year temporary closure to the take of all fisheries resources, in the fisheries waters within 3 Nautical Miles of a point on Astrolabe Reef, Bay of Plenty. For more information about the status of the application, please click here.


For information on recreational fishing rules and regulations at Astrolabe Reef, please visit the Ministry for Primary Industries website.


Stern Section